Housing First Village

A Program of HRDC

We Believe Everybody Deserves A Safe Place To Call Home

HRDC is proud to partner with St. James Episcopal Church and the MSU School of Architecture to provide a safe and sustainable transformative housing community for Bozeman’s chronically homeless, empowering them to focus on reintegration into community living.


HRDC’s newest initiative that aims to provide transformative housing to Bozeman’s chronically homeless. The number of homeless, and the length of time of their homeless, has been increasing in our community, however, the options available to support them in getting back into housing are more limited.

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This safe and sustainable model is designed to support successful reintegration into community living and permanent housing. The single-user ‘tiny’ homes would provide a cost-effective way to address the growing issue of homelessness, while maintaining the autonomy and dignity of the resident.